Packaging for the Automotive Industry

We manufacture transportation and storing packaging for automotive products. If you are looking for a proven and experienced manufacturer of packaging the Interobal Company is the right partner for you. We have a wide range of technological equipment available and many years of experience in the field.

Corrugated polypropylene boxes

Corrugated polyprofyplene boxes are an excellent solution for those customers with special requirements for returnable packaging in regard to its loading capacity and water resistance. The advantage of corrugated polypropylene boxes, as compared to injection moulded packaging, is the possibility of also just producing a unit quantity and a size range in accordance with the customer's requirements.
These boxes are available either in a design with stacking corners, or with an all-round stacking ledge. The number and the types of the handles, the label holders and the other components are defined in accordance with the customer's requirements. The boxes are manufactured either as empty or with various fixtures made of PE foams.


  • Corrugated polypropylene boxes with PE, PP fixtures can also be supplied in an electro conductive (ESD) version:


Combining transportation folding boxes with PE, PP fixtures

Another solution for the transportation and storage packaging for automotive parts is the utilisation of a combination of transportation folding boxes with PE, PP fixtures. The advantage of this solution is the possibility of being able to store oversized parts. The design of the internal fixtures guarantees the long-term protection of the parts during their transportation to the end customer.

  • Design of a folding or non-folding transportation box with a fabric grid:


The protection of the surfaces of treated or small or fragile products during their transportation and handling is ensured by means of a suitable combination of PE, PP or PUR materials, available in a variety of designs.


EPP transportation boxes

This type of returnable packaging is suitable for storing complex-shaped or heavier parts. Due to the high cost of the development and production of foaming moulds this solution is suitable for projects of longer duration with a larger number of items of packaging manufactured.

  • EPP transportation boxes can be combined with PE / PP fixtures


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